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Meriden is a brand that combines modernity with strong attachment to tradition.

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Meriden sonic toothbrushes

Change your day-to-day tooth-brushing into professional oral hygiene thanks to state-of-the-art products from Meriden. We offer sonic toothbrushes for both adults and children, designed with the participation of experts from the field of dentistry and hygienization. Professional products dedicated to tooth cleaning that ensure healthy and beautiful smile for a long time!

As a manufacturer of sonic toothbrushes, we offer product sets that combine timeless design, top-tier quality and extraordinary effectiveness. Thanks to our toothbrushes, your day-to-day tooth-brushing will be much more effective, and you will be able to take care of your smile like a professional dentist.

Sonic toothbrushes emit tens of thousands vibrations (sweeping and pulsating movements) per minute, which can remove up to one hundred percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Vibration is generated by microbubbles of paste and water that reach the interdental spaces, making it the most efficient hygienic tooth-brushing there is.
Merdien’s professional tooth-brushing products feature various operating modes, which enable full customization so as to suit your needs. Besides the normal mode, and depending on the model, you can also use the whitening mode, the soft mode - for sensitive teeth and gums - and the study mode, facilitating adaptation for any new user.

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Timeless design

Each model of Meridan toothbrushes has its own unique features.

Top-tier quality

We make sure that our toothbrushes are comfortable and easy to use, thus ensuring complete comfort.

Extraordinary effectiveness

The applied technologies help you smile more often.

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