Tip Meriden Sonic+


Smart tip was designed with focus on every day oral hygiene with an aim of ensuring maximum comfort while brushing.

The unique shape of the bristle with varying lengths of hair allows to clean places that are hard to reach. The fibers of the Smart toothbrush tip are made of a delicate, soft material, which, thanks to its flexibility, allows for brushing even with strong pressure, and the round-end of each fiber reduces the risk of gum irritation. The tip gently massages your gums and thus improves blood supply, it effectively cleans your teeth as well as guarantees maximum oral hygiene. Thanks to special arrangement of fibers, Smart tip is a perfect solution for sensitive gums.

Smart tips are available in two colors - black and white. Each tip is equipped with a colored ring, which allows you to distinguish your toothbrush.

In case of brushing twice a day, the tip should be replaced every three months so as to ensure the highest quality of oral care.

Meriden Sonic+


4 piece packaging

Meriden Sonic+ Smart tip.