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Sonic toothbrush tips

Replaceable Meriden sonic toothbrush tips come in the head shape adjusted to human anatomy and with varied length of bristle, so that the least accessible places can be reached. The optimum fibre softness prevent the Meriden tip from causing a risk of gum irritation even under strong pressure. They perfectly adjust to an individual tooth cleaning style, and make it easier for users starting to enjoy their adventure with a sonic toothbrush1 to get accustomed to it. We recommend the following replaceable tips: Professional, Smart, and also Kiddy.

Professional tips
These tips were designed with two functions, cleaning and whitening, in mind. The bristle array and shape ensure reliable cleaning quality, and a rubber protrusion guarantees removing deposits, and also discolourations, effectively.

Smart tips
This toothbrush guarantees the maximum level of the hygiene of the mouth cavity in daily life. Varied fibre length facilitates reaching places which are hard to access, and the bristle softness reduces the risk of gum irritation. These tips effectively clean teeth and massage gums.

Kiddy tips
Unusually soft and gentle bristle of those tips guarantees the effective protection against gum and oral mucosa irritation, even under stronger pressure. A perfect solution as early as since the first year of life, and also while a child is learning to brush teeth on their own.